Old Skool Campaign

Get out of the Way! Giant Hand Comin' Through!
Some questions are answered, while others arise

Duel img2

The party leaps into action, surprising Mojo, his two illusionist Henchmen Bartles and Jaymes, and his half dozen muscle bound lackeys. They break the magical trinket, summoning the aid from the HCR Mage Guild. Bigby Junior materializes from thin air, and tosses three vials of magical elixir towards the party. They grab them and pocket the healing draughts in one smooth motion. Bigby Junior waves his arms and a massive ten foot hand appears, sweeping aside the lackeys and knocking many of them onto their backsides while bruising them up a good bit.

The party swarms to the nearest ones, pummelling and stabbing them relentlessly. Soon a magical duel breaks out, with Bigby and Mojo slinging powerful magics— fireballs, blasts of lightning, giant hands, and so forth across the chamber at each other, with nary a care as to the other combatants. Most of the party wisely choose to run to one side or the other, in order to avoid the carnage of the mighty mages locked in battle, but Romdiir stays behind Bigby Jr for a little while, until being scorched one too many times. Bombiir gets knocked unconscious during his melee, while Sixlet, enraged by her drink and her barbarian bloodlust, starts caving in skulls left and right. Romdiir darts to and fro, healing his dwarven brother and the other party members as they take heavy blows from magic and melee. Tilly cleverly uses her hemp rope to ensnare several of them with her druidic magic to keep them from carving up her friends.

Mr Mojo's Circus
The Party creeps closer to the truth

Circ one

After a few drinks and being ‘asked’ to leave the bar, the party decides to scout the area where the travelling circus has set up. The streets of Paran are crowded with pedestrians, which provides perfect cover for their scouting. There are several lots, surrounded by iron gates and fencing covering one large city block. Various caravans, trade shows, merchants and the like use these lots to set up within the walls of the city in order to ply their wares. Mr Mojo’s circus has rented one such lot and has set up within the iron gates.

Boot Camp is Over...
The Party assembles for their first mission

First Things First

The players have come from all over the continent to train in the shadow of Paran, the capital of the Human Civilized Realm (HCR for short). After a grueling six week boot camp the players have acquired a few skills and determined what they are good at (or at least what they arent horrible at!) In game terms, they have trained hard enough to earn the trust of the Mageocracy that controls the HCR (as well as reaching level 2, or in other words, they can survive more than one dagger blow before dying now)

The continent sits in an uneasy truce between two warring factions, the HCR and the Oxchaga Council. The truce has been maintained, with some skirmishing, for around 100 years. The main reason why there has been no major outbreak of hostilities is not common knowledge, and has been kept secret from the populace by the Mageocracy and their allies for decades.

They are called before Sir Humphrey near the city’s Eastern Gates to be briefed on their first assignment. The motley crew is compromised of the following members:

  • Bombiir “Blackleaf”, a mysterious dwarven thief, dressed in light armor and skilled in scouting, who keeps one eye on his enemies, and the other eye on his allies.
  • His brother Romdiir, a dwarven cleric clad in metal from head to toe, with a heart as pure and true as a platinum vein dug fresh from the earth.
  • “Papa Stogie”, a gnomish fighter/ illusionist wrapped in a six foot beard and concealed within a perpetual wall of cigar smoke.
  • Tilly, a halfling druid who hails from the Temple of Kinarr, who is equally bound by the laws of nature and by the orders coming down from her all female druidic order.
  • Sixlet, who is just as comfortable intimidating her allies into doing her bidding as she is in carving up her enemies.

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